Géssica de Lara Minski

My name is Géssica, I am a native of the interior of Paraná and I grew up in contact with nature where my love for biology came from. I am graduated in biological sciences at the Western State University of Paraná (Brazil). Currently I am a MSC student at the Graduate Program in Ecology at Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). My research project aims to assess whether ecological stress zone between and inside of the Amazon-Cerrado biomes represent areas of ecotones from the quantification of their basic structural characteristics. I also want to understand how they are distributed along a gradient of north-south precipitation regimes. I hope my work will help these areas to be seen with their actual value, better preserved and that my findings instigate more research. During my master’s project, my desire to work to work in the field of technology along with ecology increased. So, I started a new course in Analysis and Systems Development where I want to improve myself in software development and databases for the environmental area.